Expected results

Mediterranean Ancestral Bridge of the sheep supply chain
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Expected project results

Below, the expected results by Work Package (WP).

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WP 1: Project management

Administrative and financial management, monitoring and control activities:

- Technical and financial monitoring of the project actions
- Preparation of reports on project activities
- N. 6 meetings of the Steering Committee (two per year) (deux par an)
- N. 6 meetings of the Technical Committee
- Public notices
- Internal and external contracts
- Project audit

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WP 2 : Communication activities

Management activity concerning the aspects related to the communication of project actions:

- N. 1 Manager for the general communication of the project
- N. 1 Project general communication activity and communication animation within the project consortium
- N. 12 Communication reports
- N. 1 Project communication plan, which includes the project communication strategy
- N. 1 Visual identity of the project
- N. 1 Expert in project capitalisation
- N. 1 Capitalisation plan and its exit strategy
- N. 5 Half-yearly reports on internal and external capitalisation
- N. 1 Final capitalisation report
- N. 1 Project launch event (Kick-off Meeting)
- N. 1 Project Closing event

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WP 3 : Study of NT sheep production systems and development of food resources

Support through workshops organised in the cross-border area for the exchange between Tunisian and Sicilian partners on experiences in the rational management of breeding:
- Good practices guide on breeding and enhancement of food resources
- References system of zoo-technical performances for NT lambs
- Delimitation and mapping of production areas
- Strengthening of NT producers technical skills

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WP 4 : Quality development and control


Support for trade between Tunisian and Sicilian partners, capacity building and promotion of employment and creation of MSMEs in the sectors of slaughter, carcass classification, cutting and capacity building in these sectors:
- Quality standards of carcasses and NT meat
- Update of the INAT analysis unit
- Good practice guide on hygiene, transport and slaughter
- Installation of an innovative slaughtering and cutting system
- Qualification of specialised personnel in slaughtering and cutting
- Qualification of trainers in animal registration and classification of carcasses
- Distinctive Mark of NT meat quality
- Capacity building in traceability in the NT sector
- Economic evaluation of NT labelled meat production


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WP 5 : Labelling of lamb meat of the Noir de Thibar (NT) breed

Exchanges, capacity building and promotion of employment and creation of MSMEs in the labelling of meat, in marketing and communications:

- Product specification of a NT suckling lamb meat label
- Product specification of a NT lamb meat label
Development of control plans for labelled products
- Qualification of supervising and certification trainers
- Logo and packaging of NT products

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WP 6 : Creation of a SMSA (Mutual Society of Services for Agriculture)

Promoting employment and the creation of SMEs; business plan development:

- Creation of a SMSA
- Consortium agreement between operators in the NT supply chain
- Business Plan for the creation of production and services companies in the NT supply chain
- Eco-tourist circuit around NT products
- Strengthening the capacities of future entrepreneurs in the NT supply chain
- Creation of a short circuit for the enhancement of NT meat.